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Meticulously Designed
Unique Experiences

Find yourself getting lost in endless adventures during your stay at The Terraces Spa and Resort. From a number of hiking, cycling and dirt bike tracks around the property to village tours and helicopter rides to Everest Base Camp, there are plenty of ways to spend your time. No two days will be the same.

Hiking Paths

With a 1km walking trail on the property’s grounds, and more outside the boundaries of the resort, nature lovers and avid hikers have a number of routes to choose from. Guests can also opt for a guided nature walk or a BBQ lunch in the forest.

Biking Trails

Whether it’s peddling an ATB or mountain bike, or revving the engine of a dirt bike that gets you going, The Terraces has an assortment of wheeled vehicles to get you out in nature.

Everest Helicopter Tour

Whether you opt for the champagne breakfast or not, you’re bound to feel giddy when taking a helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp. This tour that ends up at the highest mountain on Earth starts right at The Terraces’ own private helipad.

Feeding The Soul

Wake up at dawn to gaze at the sun rising over the Himalayas. Practise yoga in our shala. Earn good karma by hoisting prayer flags on a hilltop or sacred place. Take a mindful walk around the lush, sprawling gardens or koi fish pond. There are many ways to remind yourself of the precious present moment.

Village Tours

Get a first-hand experience of traditional Nepali life on a tour to a nearby village. Our professional guides will take you on a cultural journey that will leave you with a greater understanding of Nepal and its people.

Spa, Gym &
Infinity Pool

Let one of our masseuses or beauty therapists work their magic on your body. Sweat it out in the gym. Or, sip a cocktail while watching the city lights from our deck or infinity pool.


Zip lining is an action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular sceneries.

ATV Quad Bike Rides

Note: Starting from tomorrow, February 8th, the ATV will not be available for one month.

Get ready for an adventure full of thrills and excitement as you explore the beautiful terrain surrounding the resort on a thrilling four-wheeler bike. Feel the excitement building with every twist and turn as you ride through exciting paths and discover the beauty of nature around you.