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Book a Kathmandu Staycation Package for the winter holidays

Book a Kathmandu Staycation Package for the winter holidays

It seems that staycations are the new vacations. More and more people are opting for peaceful and restorative travel experiences instead of pursuing adventure sports or tightly scheduled tourist surveys. Beach resorts were once considered calming getaways but nowadays, people find them too hectic. In fact, so many people are opting for secluded mountain retreats that monasteries may soon be in demand.

One can understand why. Living in big cities in India is an adventure in itself. There is so much activity and so much going on that most people miss the downtime and me-time that is essential for a healthy lifestyle. A staycaion allows you spend time with yourself and gives you the sorely needed opportunity to heal all the tiny cuts and wounds that are daily occurrences in metros.

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This winter break, opt for a staycation with yourself to nearby Nepal. Staycation packages in Kathmandu are surprisingly cheap and provide the perfect way to restore sanity and wellness amidst the chaos. Nepal is overall a calm and soothing place that is guaranteed to change the attitude and altitude of tired cityfolk. Lets take a look at what to do on a staycation and then identify the best resort in Kathmandu for this purpose.

What to do on a staycation

Needless to say that the most important activity during a staycation is “doing nothing.� The idea is to give the body and mind some rest so that it can refresh and renew itself. A good resort provides ample opportunity to simply laze around and amble from one comfy sofa to the next and indulge in tasty but healthy treats throughout the day. To further illustrate the idyllic lifestyle of staycationers, here’s what a typical day for them looks like:


Wake up late: Unlike at home, no one will wake you up early at your resort unless you want them to. Thick blackout curtains, deep mattresses and being miles away from your hassles will ensure that you will get the best night’s sleep at your resort. Instead of waking up to an alarm, wake up naturally for once and slip into some shorts for a lazy day ahead.

Head to the Spa: The first conscious thought on a staycation should not be about coffee but about your own personal health and wellness. Since most resorts have a wellness center, spa, salon or at least a pool, simply head down there in the morning and take your time to figure out what you want to do or get done. A morning massage is a wise choice to wake you up and get you limber for the rest of the day.