Horse Riding


Horseback riding is an excellent outdoor recreational activity due to many reasons. First of all, it is healthy, entertaining, and beneficial to the rider. Besides, it is a sport that requires a particular activity from the rider.

Escape from the hectic urban areas and your desk-bound job. Jump into nature and recharge yourself. Disconnect to connect. Connecting with a large and clever animal such as a horse is nothing but a blessing. There are tons of reasons why you should consider aiming for horseback riding adventures. The activity involves having a good posture on the back of the horse. As a result, better posture overall for you – the rider. As can be seen above, horseback riding is like a gym, for our mind and body! It activates all our muscles especially pelvic muscles and postural muscles. This activity is not just horseback riding but a gym, entertainment, and a personal development course – all in one!

Horseback riding for kids

Animals is the perfect antidote for today’s modern and digital world. Also, most children are naturally attracted to animals, especially horses. There is something about horses, in their appearance and their eyes, that makes everyone calm. Horseback riding for kids is a terrific alternative to video games, TV-watching, or social media scrolling. And when the whole family is involved in the activity, it creates a special bond. Horseback riding adventures do bond people together.

Horse Riding Packages

1 hour – Rs. 3000

½ hour – Rs. 2000

20 mins – Rs. 1000

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