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  • Som turn
    Raw papaya, carrot, soya, palm sugar, garlic
  • Nutrition bomb
    Microgreens, vegetables, and crispy focaccia


  • Tom yum gung
    Hot and sour Thai soup with shrimp
  • Classic cream of chicken
    Thyme, dairy cream
  • Hearty vegetable soup
    Plum tomato. pesto, fresh vegetablcs, garlic bread


  • Timur pork
    Local style Sichuan flavoured pork
  • Murgh malai
    Cheddar, coriander root, green chilli, cashew nuts
  • Chicken tikka, peri peri
    Tandoori marinated chicken glazed with peri peri sauce
  • Malai broccoli
    Tandoor roasted creamy cardamom flavour broccoli
  • “Pull apart “stuffed garlic bread, classic cheese
    Bread loaf stuffed with garlic, local herbs and cheese
  • Chicken sadeko
    Boneless chicken, marinated with local spices
  • Chilli chicken, garlic, spring onion
    Wok-tossed boneless chicken, with Chinese sauce
  • Chilli garlic fish
    Wok-tossed boneless fish, with Chinese sauce
  • Chicken wings
    Chicken wings basting with butter, tandoori spices
  • Vegetable spring rolls
    Lemon coriander and “Timur” sauce
  • Mushroom chili
    Wok-tossed bottom mushroom, with Chinese sauce
  • Crispy corn
    Wok-tossed American sweet con, with Chinese spices
  • Momo
    Stuffed dumplings Chicken/ vegetable


  • Club non-vegetarian
    Chicken, bacon, cage-free eggs, red cabbage slaw, fries
  • Chicken burger
    Red cabbage slaw, tomato, cheese, mayo, pickles
  • Bun tikki
    Chickpea, beet, fenugreek, onion, tamarind chutney
  • Club vegetarian
    Cheese, tomato, railway tikki, red cabbage slaw, fries
  • “Himalayan cheese” toast, timur, spices, mint


  • Charcoal tagliatelle
    Jalapeno cream sauce
  • Whole wheat penne carbonara
    White sauce, egg york, bacon, cheese
  • Fettuccini Alfredo
    Chicken sausage, grilled chicken
  • Penne arrabbiata


  • Pan-grilled pork chop
    Braised red cabbage, brown butter potato, caramelized apple, and creamy mustard sauce
  • Fish and chips
    Beer batter fish, fries, mushy peas, sea salt
  • Nepali “dhido”
    Herb “corn meal” polenta, ratatouille, parmesan, Clarified butter
  • Local trout
    Pan-fried/ curry/ grilled

    Served with steamed rice and vegetables

  • Vocal for local-Nepali Thali

    Local dishes curated with locally foraged, our farm has grown produce and locally produced condiments

  • Mutton thali

    Nepali set meal with mutton curry, vegetable curry,
    rice and roti

  • Chicken thali

    Nepali set meal with chicken curry, vegetable curry,
    rice and roti

  • Vegetable thali

    Nepali set meal with Cottage cheese, vegetable curry, rice and roti

  • Khasi ko masu
    Nepali-style mutton curry with local spices
  • Non-vegetarian platters
    Black dal, chicken tikka, choice of chicken or mutton curry, Indian bread and rice
  • Chicken tikka masala
    Barbecue chicken, tomato gravy, Indian spices
  • Vegetarian platters
    Yellow dal, paneer tikka, seasonal vegetable curry, Indian bread and rice
  • Paneer tikka masala
    Cottage cheese, rich tomato gravy, local spices
  • Vilayati subzi miloni
    Seasonal vegetable curry, local spices
  • Dum aloo kashmiri
    Traditional Kashmiri-style slow-cooked potato
  • Gobi adraki
    Ginger-flavoured cauliflower, local spices
  • Jeera pulao
  • Steamed basmati rice
  • Plain naan/ garlic naan
  • Tawa paratha/ roti


  • Minced pork basil
    Thai-style minced pork, fresh basil, steamed rice
  • Chicken manchurian
    Minced chicken, Chinese spices, steamed rice
  • Vegetable manchurian
    Minced vegetables, Chinese spices, steamed rice
  • Fried rice, egg or vegetable


  • “NYC” style salted caramel cheesecake
  • Baked hot chocolate
  • Gourmet ice cream selection
  • “Lemon verbena” crème brûlée
  • Nepali coffee affogato
  • Gulab jamun flambé